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The Military Memorial Museum is a subdivision of the Nelson Museum of the West (a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation) located in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The collection began with the goal of acquiring uniforms, saddles, firearms and sabers depicting all of the enlisted and officers of the U.S. Cavalry from the Civil War to 1943 when the horse Cavalry was disbanded.

The Museum has met the goal and expanded the collection far beyond the Cavalry. The collection is now inclusive of other branches of service in the Army including artillery, infantry, medical and Army Air Corps. Special collections of 1902 and 1938 Dress uniforms are also included.

The collection of uniforms used by the Air Service, Air Corps and Air Force is broad and very complete. Beginning with the air service uniforms of 1912 the collection shows all types of Air Force uniforms used to the present day.

Uniforms owned by Army and Air Force General Officers featured in our collection also includes all uniform types authorized to be worn by General Officers in the United States Air Force and the United States Army since 1942.

Recently acquired have been numerous uniforms worn by the Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and numerous uniforms worn by the Chiefs of Staff of the U.S. Army.

One of our goals of the Museum is to provide to serious collectors and interested parties a collection made available to them that will help them meet their research goals.

We hope you enjoy this website and we solicit your comments.

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